ST. HILAIRE | This Is What Donald Trump Has Done for Me

Like many people, I tuned into the last presidential debate of the 2020 election cycle last week. The fragile masculinity of two American grandfathers and the way it manifested itself took up 90 minutes on every major news-media station and held the attention of myself and 63 million others on Thursday night. In a way, I think that we have been spoiled. I spent so much of the first debate pointing out disrespectful quips, laughing, internally crying and outwardly cursing our founding fathers for drafting a governmental system that could be completely decimated by “an unlikely candidate.” You know, as if ‘unlikely’ has recently become synonymous with racist, misogynist, xenophobic and ignorant. I have been seeing this new classification of the incumbent President Trump as “an underdog.” I had to refresh my definition of the word and found that it meant “a victim of injustice or persecution.” I feel obligated to express my displeasure that we classify the offender, our persecutor-in-chief, as “an underdog.”

Returning to the more tame and traditional Presidential debate that I tuned into on Thursday, I was bored.

Where to Watch: Third Democratic Debates

In four hundred and eighteen days, election day 2020 will be here. It may seem far in the distance, especially when many students seem to operate on a hours-until-next-prelim timeline. But the field of Democratic candidates has already been winnowed down to the ten who qualify to take to the stage in Houston tomorrow. Whether you’re part of the “Yang Gang,” “All In for Warren,” “Feeling the Bern” or still want to “Make America Great Again,” anyone can attend one of these debate watch parties Thursday night.

The Cornell Daily Sun Election Watch Oct. 18

The split within the Republican Party intensifies with release of Trump tape; Cornell Democrats and Republicans reach an unlikely consensus that the Republican nominee is an embarrassment and a danger. On the night before the final presidential debate, check out this week’s Election Watch produced by Anna Kook and edited by Justin Park.

The Cornell Daily Sun Election Watch Oct. 2

This week’s Election Watch analyzes reactions to the first presidential debate and the ongoing 2016 race as it moves toward the finish line. A Cornell Daily Sun poll indicates majority of almost 100 surveyed students plan to vote for Clinton; however, third party candidates are still attracting students. Video produced by Anna Kook and edited by Justin Park.

The Cornell Daily Sun Election Watch Sept 26

Hillary Clinton is leading in national polls, but Trump is closing the gap; The Daily Sun’s own polls indicate that a majority of students will be voting for Clinton. On the day of the first presidential debate, watch this week’s Election Watch produced by Anna Kook and edited by Justin Park.