Big Red’s Next Icon: After Six

Cornell recently held its annual Big Red Icon to determine which student band will get to play on Slope Day as an opener. I spoke with Josh Sokol, the saxophonist of this year’s winning band After Six, about their musical style and what makes them unique. 

The Sun: How would you describe the type of music that After Six makes? Josh Sokol: I feel like we have a diverse style. We also change what we’re going for depending on the event, but we keep it centered around what After Six is. A mix between neo soul, funk and hip hop.


My job as a Cornell Daily Sun columnist is easy when I’m pissed off about something. I like to think of myself as a mild-mannered guy. So, truthfully, that doesn’t happen that much. This week, however, is one of those weeks where thinking of content is not a problem. To the Slope Day Programming Board: What the heck were you all thinking?

KUBINEC | Cornellians Have Lost the Urge to Rebel

Nobody wants to rebel, rebellions have no leaders and there is increasingly little to rebel against. In one sense, this is a good thing. When Cornell is asking parents to put their children under its care, it has a duty to protect those kids.