SWAN | Slope Day: A Zero-Sum Game

Slope Day 2018 will be my third experience with the famous Cornellian festival, and so, I feel as though I am now entitled to make a few observations about it. While the artists who play Slope Day change from year to year, most things about it stay the same: a concert will be given,  on the slope during a relatively mild spring day, alcohol will be consumed, free breakfasts will (hopefully) be eaten and merchandise that boasts all of Cornell’s factions and houses will be worn. Yet, the most invariable aspect of Slope Day occurs well before the sun rises on that fateful May day: everyone, every one of you, will complain about the artists chosen to headline it. Alright, maybe not everyone. It seems as though two groups form in response to the headline announcement.


CHAZAN | 5 Reasons You’ll Cowards Should Get Viper to Headline Slope Day

This article is dedicated to Alex Lugo, a good friend and Viper superfan. While the official lineup of musical acts for this year’s Slope Day have not yet been confirmed, the names currently under consideration are available, and they are all to a man mediocre. This is not shocking — an institutionally sanctioned college party isn’t usually going to feature boundary-pushing artists. However, one Facebook page sees an alternative. Labelled “community,” Viper for Slope Day 2017 argues that the eponymous rapper-cum-meme should headline the spring event.

Music and the Mind: Why Listening is the Greatest

Happy Slope Day Cornellians! I hope at least a few of you are still sober enough to read the Sun. And I hope that the actual sun is shining. Today is a more than usually auspicious day for my usually oh-so-humble column.
Why, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. The reasons are twofold. First, today, as you may know, is Slope Day. It is a day about music. Sort of. And admittedly less so this year than usual. (Though T.I.’s fake gunshots may have been pushing it as well.)

Get Your Dancing Shoes On

Dig bright, catchy, Beatles-esque lyrics? Groove out to ELO’s symphonic prog rock? How’s a virtually private show sound? Right, so get to the Slope early.
Long before the Pussycat Dolls showcase their ample assets and Asher Roth confesses his inclination towards America’s university system, the Apples in Stereo, ripe with tight, riveting, relevant tunes, will rock the Slope’s punctual arrivals with a premium blend of neo-classic rock and power pop. The American rockers, veterans of six LPs, notched a spot on Rolling Stone’s Top 50 of 2007 with New Magnetic Wonder, a 14 track album linked seamlessly by 10 musical segues.