TRUSTEE VIEWPOINT | Student Burnout and Why We Should All Be Concerned

Spring break has come to a close. What for most of us was a reinvigorating escape from the academic rigor of Cornell will quickly spiral into a rather nerve-wracking finals period. This transition period has always called for members of the Cornell community to come together and foster an encouraging and supportive academic environment. While we frequently place the onus on our administrators to cultivate a caring community through mental health and social services, it’s time to take a step back. It’s time to acknowledge how students and faculty members can better recognize and address students’ mental health concerns on our campus.

Letter to the Editor

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: In defense of the Elections Committee

To the Editor:

I stand in solidarity with the response of Travis Cabbell ’18. In response to the defamatory accusations presented against me and the Elections Committee throughout the course of this past election cycle, I would like to share that the committee and I have held ourselves to the highest standards of ethics and equality. The Elections Committee strives to uphold the process that the Student Assembly has adopted to ensure the fairness and integrity of all elections for all positions. If the individuals in question, community members or Student Assembly members do not like the rules that have been placed before us, I encourage any and all of them to speak up and be active in the process to revise them. We were given a set of rules to interpret and some cases on which we had to decide, and throughout this entire process, as public servants of the system of shared governance at Cornell with nothing to gain, we have faced harsh public scrutiny that has made some kind individuals have to stress about one more unnecessary thing.


GOROKH | Where is Our Pie?

Economists often talk of the metaphorical pie that keeps growing with every passing year. Economy has been in fact steadily multiplying for more than a century now: for example, our GDP per capita now is 5 times what it has been in the 1950s; we  are collectively producing 5 times more stuff per person. But, when I take a look around, I do not see people kicking back to enjoy the prosperity our ancestors couldn’t have imagined. Even in the somewhat elitist bubble I inhabit people worry an awful lot about the money and the jobs. This mismatch between the numbers and felt reality puzzles me a great deal, in a way that an NFL star is puzzled when he discovers the millions he earned through sweat and trauma have somehow vaporized between the lines of contracts and the fees of lawyers.

NEWS | Student Assembly Debate 2018

Watch a news recap of the Student Assembly President & EVP Debate. Presidential candidates Varun Devatha ’19 and Dale Barbaria ’19, alongside executive vice president candidate Joseph Anderson ’20 put forward their positions and platforms. For more, visit cornellsun.com to read about the debate and SA election. Music:
“Chill Mode” by Audiobinger

Letter to the Editor

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Free Expression Disrupted

To The Editor:

We, the undersigned, are a group of community members concerned about preserving the freedom of expression at Cornell, namely the dangerous response to Mark Colbran’s collection at the CFC 2018 Fashion Show. Some of us know Mark personally, others do not. Some of us enjoy, or agree with, his collection, others do not. However, we all find alarming the policing of speech at Cornell, either by university affiliates or by independent groups such as The Cornell Daily Sun, through silencing, misinformation and false equivocation. The article in the March 12, 2018 edition of The Sun written by Meredith Liu and Paris Ghazi under the banner “Fashion Show Disrupted,” relating to events at the CFC 2018 Fashion Show, contains many factually incorrect statements and dangerously equates the peaceful expression of dissent with targeted harassment.


PINERO | Dear Boomers, Love Gen Z

Boomers, this is your reckoning. I hold you all personally responsible for the handbasket that’s currently dragging us into the bowels of hell.  If I hear someone over 35 whine about “kids these days” one more time, I swear to God, I’ll go ballistic. Those born after ’95 are the first native-born inhabitants of a bona fide brave new world. Authors of dystopian fiction have rolled over in their graves as they watched their warnings go unheeded.