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DUGGAL | Technologically Shook

I have hit the point in the semester where I could not bring myself to care less about things even if I tried. I thought I hit that point two weeks ago; unfortunately, I was wrong, and here I am, eating ice cream out of a tub in the middle of Klarman Atrium. I can feel even the statues frowning at my life decisions. Two weeks ago, I wrote a horrific column on something related to technology and how people make it out to be worse than it is and why that was a narrow way to look at a complex topic, especially one that is not going anywhere just by having us wish it away. Quite frankly, I hated it, and I would like to apologize to anyone who’s eyes might have perused those particular set of words.


TEST SPIN: Costera — Aliados

This Test Spin can be read in English here. 

El grupo Costera acaba de lanzar su primer disco, Aliados, cual fue un viaje surreal de principio a fin. Recientemente, el grupo había sacado dos sencillos del disco, “Paseo Sideral” y “Altamar.” Ambos sencillos dieron a la audiencia una idea del tema principal del disco: encontrar a alguien en quien confías completamente e ir en un viaje etéreo con ellos. El disco se trata de amor, pero no es nada como el amor típico en el que el cantante no puede dejar de pensar en su musa. Aliados explora un concepto mucho más profundo del amor y la intimidad: uno que involucra una conexión lograda cuando dos personas se conocen por fuera y dentro, hasta el punto de una fusión espiritual. La canción que más representa el tema del disco fue “Paseo Sideral,” la cual tuvo un video musical.

(Katie Sims/Sun Staff Photographer)

Pop, Rock and Indie Bands Take the Stage at Cayuga Lodge

Despite the single digit temperatures and the layer of fresh snow on the ground, Cayuga Lodge’s basement was full on Saturday night, thanks to four out of town bands. Ellen Siberian Tiger, Rickie & Aimee, And The Kids  and Adult Mom brought a mix of performance styles, though their music was similar and went well together. The show was cohesive, danceable and fun. Ellen Siberian Tiger, a five-piece group out of Philadelphia, opened up the night with sweet rock music that leaned toward folksy, but had its bold moments. Frontwoman and songwriter Ellen Tiberio-Shultz brought powerful vocals, and the whole band brought skilled instrumentation.

HAGOPIAN | Santorum in Perspective

If my time as a newspaper columnist has taught me anything, it’s that the written word is far from the best way to reach people. When I was hired by The Sun, my own arrogance allowed me to believe that I could be different from so-called “echo chamber” journalists. I told myself that I would aim my words not at those who already agreed with me, but at those who didn’t. Such a thing is easier said than done, however. Fundamental ideological differences, emotional reactions to the mention of certain issues and the inherent ambiguity of language are tough obstacles to overcome in a medium in which no clarification or follow-ups are possible.

The Red started the season 0-2-1, but have gone 7-1 in the eight games since.


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