SEX ON THURSDAY | What’s the Worst That Can Happen During a Blowjob?

It’s a question most girls, and probably most guys, wonder. I’ve always thought of myself as a bit of an anomaly when it comes to oral sex — I really like it. I’ve always liked it. I think that’s because my first time giving a blow job was so casual —  I asked a friend to teach me and it turned out great. Ever since then, I’ve always felt good making other people feel good.

SEX ON THURSDAY | Mythbusters: Sex Edition

Do our sexual partners really care about the things we are so insecure about? Let’s take a look at some commonly believed myths. Porn and TV portray specific images of sexuality, sex and body types. The differences between these portrayals and reality were some of my biggest surprises when I began my sexual adventures. Vaginas don’t lubricate within seconds, not everything stays up all the time, people have bodies of different shapes and size and pauses are necessary to take off clothes and put on condoms.
These “bad” things happen, but are actually not really that bad and definitely not a deal breaker.