Begging for Integrity

Every now and again I’ll have a difficult time understanding our media. Now, it’s not that the content is too esoteric, although sometimes it can reach over in that direction (I’m still astounded as to why a “fist bump” is worth half a mention in any medium with the gall to call itself a news source). It’s more that some decisions made by higher ups are so incredibly ludicrous I end up asking myself why I trust these people.

Five-Dollar Lives

For all the so-called activism that occurs on this campus, how about doing something truly revolutionary? Now, before you read on, know that revolutionary does not necessarily mean headlines. What am I talking about? Well, for example, take Norman Borlaug.

It’s a safe bet to say that you’ve probably never heard of Mr. Borlaug. It took me a bit of time googling variations of “saved millions of lives” before I even found him- even though I knew he’d be the lead-in to this article. So, now that I’ve given away what he did (saved millions of lives), what does he have to do with you?

Presidential Stupid-Off

With it now clear that Barack Obama will be the Democratic nominee in this year’s general election, what remains of Democrat primary season is no longer a runoff, but rather, a stupid-off. That’s right, a stupid-off, and it all began in a rather bland way right after the highly emotional victories that Hillary pulled out in Ohio and Texas.
In what seems like decades ago in this all too long primary season, the stage was set back for Senator Obama to seal the nomination in dramatic fashion. With Hillary trailing by almost 100 delegates, Bill Clinton had even come out on record and said that if Hillary were to lose either Ohio or Texas, her bid would be over.

Mac Users = Crackpot Liberals: Kantrowitz responds to your comments!

Wow, I’ve finally gotten people to care! No, I didn’t do it by writing a controversial political piece, what finally got me some reaction was to pan a classless advertisement. Well folks, I stick to it! The way Apple went about bashing Microsoft was classless. No matter how good its product is, I see no reason why it should be acceptable for the company to broadcast bad reviews of its competitor. The bashing does not make Apple look good, it makes them look petty.

Hey Apple: Get a Life!

Apple Inc. could learn a lesson or two from Barack Obama. As far as I know, this weekend marks the second time that Apple has decided to pay for extremely obnoxious attack ads to be displayed on the main page of No, the ads are not aimed at a certain candidate but they do maliciously go after Apple’s main competitor- Windows OS.

Step Up the Talks

Trying to figure out the Middle East is a task we “Westerners” usually fall short on. We’ve consistently been wrong on the region and honestly, we don’t seem to be getting any better. I’m therefore hesitant to embark upon a path that has led so many to look so utterly incompetent, but I think the recent “action” in the region merits severe criticism.

Barack Obama and the Super Bowl

“This week is going to suck. Over the span of three days both the Giants and Obama are going to lose. I see a depression coming on in the near future,” my friend told me on Friday, February 1st. At that point, you didn’t need a crystal ball to tell you that the Giants were indeed going to lose 18-0 to the Patriots and that Senator Barack Obama’s storied run for the Democratic nomination was most probably coming to an end.

Tompkins County: Lonely and Lovin' It!

In an e-mail sent out this past week by “Ithaca for Obama,” this graphic sat tellingly at the top. The graphic could easily be mistaken for one belonging on the cover of a Tompkins county tourism pamphlet, but today, it points out much more than the location of our seemingly indistinct county. For one day at least, pundits across America looked at Tompkins county and asked: How did this happen?

Talkin' Super Tuesday

It’s difficult for me to imagine that it has already been almost four years since I was introduced to now-senator Barack Obama. I remember it clearly–my government teacher at the time, Mr. Martin Lichter, walked into our class that daymoved by a speech the previous night. The speech, broadcast from the Democratic convention that would choose John Kerry to run against the incumbent President Bush, was a moment of greatness.