Celebrate Earth Week at the Cornell Farmers Market

On a breezy Thursday afternoon, I breathed in the brisk spring air as I took my routine walk across the Ag Quad to Trillium for lunch. With a hurried pace and pumping heart, I mentally prepared to re-enact the Hunger Games in order to secure a spot in the line for the burrito station and a highly coveted seat. Before I could reach Trillium, however, something peculiar stopped me in my tracks. Tucked in a corner of the Ag Quad were clusters of people bouncing between a row of small tents. I immediately recounted the dreamy, warm days of early September, spent having leisurely lunches with friends while sprawled across red checkered picnic blankets on the grassy quad. The Cornell Farmers Market was back for spring, and I could not have been happier.

Planning Board Discusses Remodeling Hughes Hall, Ag Quad

The City of Ithaca Planning and Development Board discussed the remodeling of Hughes Hall and the revitalization of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Quad on Tuesday. According to University architect Gilbert Delgado, the Hughes Hall project aims to meet the spatial needs of faculty and students and improve exterior aesthetics of Cornell Law School. The renovation will largely focus on a new enclosed loggia connecting Hughes Hall to Myron Taylor Hall and a new staircase of the west side of Hughes Hall. The loggia should provide better access from Hughes Hall to the Berger Atrium and create more open spaces that enhance way-finding through the facility, according to Delgado. He added that, funds permitting, the University plans to repair the dining terrace near the Fork and Gavel Cafe “to have a more spacious and modern eatery and event space.”
The Hughes Hall construction is planned for the summer to not interfere with traffic during the academic year.