Believe Me When I Say: Real Estate at The Haunt

In the two years since I first saw Real Estate play The Haunt, I have done a lot in the way of growing up. In 2014, I was a naïve sophomore with a head full of possibilities and uncertainties. Now I am a senior with one eye toward graduation and the “real-world” beyond; probably still naïve, but much more settled in my views and plans. Real Estate, in contrast to my development, has remained fairly static. The band hasn’t released so much as a Single since 2014’s Atlas: the record which they were supporting on that previous spin through town.

ITHACA A-LIVE | Irish Trad Tuesdays + 116 Cook

Ailis is writing solo this week! Today, I’m writing about two small musical events in Ithaca last week: Traditional Irish Music + $1 PBR Tuesdays at Ruloff’s and a Friday night gig at 116 Cook Street featuring Ithaca’s Modern Hut and Shore Acres Drive alongside New York’s Fraternal Twin and New Jersey’s Long Beard. Ruloff’s Traditional Irish Tuesday was a nice way to start off the week. Excellent musicians of all ages got together for a traditional chéile session where anyone can come and go as they please. The session took place in the basement section of Ruloff’s, away from the noisy youth upstairs.

Interview: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, a NYC band, will be playing at Risley Theater on April 25. Kip Berman, lead vocalist and guitarist, spoke to Sun Staff writer Will Cordeiro about his influences and aspirations. Will Cordeiro is also the Artist at Residence at Risley Hall and was involved in booking the band for the event.

SUN: How does it feel now that your first album came out? Are you happy with it and pleased with the success that it’s finding; how have you been dealing with success?

Kip Berman: It hasn’t really changed us: we’re doing what we always wanted to be doing. We just have more opportunities to tour and travel. It’s more just a change of venue. I mean, I’m still sitting in my same messy bedroom with the same piles of dirty laundry.