Ithaca Carshare to Resume Operations March 2024

Ithaca Carshare will resume operations in March 2024, after Gov. Kathy Hochul (D-N.Y.) signed a bill into law on Sept. 15 permitting nonprofit risk retention groups not based in New York State to provide insurance to New York policyholders.

KEMPFF | The Driving Battle on Buffalo Street

I brace myself everyday for the feeling. Bump bump bump crash. 

It’s part of the daily battle that drivers in Collegetown know all too well. It’s the fight down Buffalo Street. Crumbling concrete and constant potholes create a dangerous mix that punishes my car’s suspension on a daily basis. 

This scene, unfortunately, is interchangeable with many in Collegetown. Driving in Ithaca can often be a challenge, from the lack of parking in the Commons to the constant uphill climbing. But a lack of maintenance on Collegetown streets, particularly in the area surrounding Stewart Avenue, is a major concern for student drivers.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Inside the Student Assembly’s Late Night Purge

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this article included a signatory who had not signed this letter. That signatory has since been removed. To the Editor:

Three weeks ago, we, fourteen members of the Student Assembly, decided to vote no on Resolution 11 – Calling For the Disarmament of the Cornell University Police Department. We did so for a variety of reasons. Some of us believed the resolution did not properly consider the consequences of disarmament to campus safety.

Cornell 100 MPG Car Design Team to Participate in Int’l Competition

The Cornell 100+ MPG Team is on its way to putting the 2010 Toyota Prius — and its Environmental Protection Agency estimate of 50 miles per gallon — to shame. Up against more than 100 teams from around the world, the Cornell team is now officially competing in a multi-million dollar contest to not only create a car that exceeds 100 mpg or its fuel equivalent, but also present a feasible business plan to sell 10,000 such cars.
On April 7, the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize released the official list of 111 registrants, hailing from 11 countries, in the $10 million X Prize competition. Prize winners will be decided after a series of competitions, scheduled to begin as early as May 2010, that will culminate in road competitions in four U.S. cities.

Three Cheers for Chapter 11

This week the CEO’s of the Big Three (GM, Ford and Chrysler) begged Congress for money, as they flew into Washington on their private jets. Congress has correctly denied funding and now the Big Three are left on their own. However, Congress should help out U.S. auto manufacturers, but not by providing them money outright. Congress should promote Chapter 11 bankruptcy by the automakers, encourage them to revamp their business models and provide adequate funding and programs for any employees adversely affected by the bankruptcy.

As Gas Prices Rise, C.U. Works To Limit Consumption of Fuel

Although skyrocketing gas prices have made headlines and worried consumers recently, Cornell’s fuel-related projects have pushed ahead without notice as the school year eases into rhythm.
Rising fuel costs — while a major concern for the general public — are not the primary motive behind many of Cornell’s green initiatives designed to cut emissions and reduce fuel usage.
“It’s more of an environmental issue than a monetary one,” said Director of Transportation David Lieb ’89. “One of President Skorton’s major policies for the University is to be at the cutting edge of green technology.”

Vehicle, Motorcycle Collide on Stewart Avenue

A vehicle driving southbound on the 600 block of Stewart Avenue collided with a motorcycle last night, according to the Ithaca Police Department. The collision occurred as the vehicle attempted to make a left turn into the loading dock area behind Noyes Community Center. The motorcyclist was traveling northbound toward University Avenue.