Higher calorie foods, like chocolate cake, could be among those used to obtain an optimal level of sweetness.

Cornell Study: Reduced Taste Causes Higher Calorie Intake

For those of us with a sweet tooth, an extra helping of dessert can seem irresistible. Nutritionists and doctors though, do not dismiss this as an arbitrary craving. In fact, many have hypothesized that a key cause behind these cravings is a diminished ability to taste sweet compounds. A new study by Prof. Robin Dando, food science, hopes to shed light on this mechanism and could have serious implications on how obesity is managed. “Several research projects in the past have found that taste is weakened in the obese.


Chatty Cathy: A Café Worth Talking About

Overall, my experience at Chatty Cathy was absolutely spectacular, and the owners were delightful. Ithaca truly is lucky to have this new café. The only downsides that I perceived were the scarcity of seating options, and the relatively high prices for juices and smoothies. Regardless of these drawbacks, I still thoroughly enjoyed my experience and will certainly go back. Chatty Cathy is a great option for coffee lovers, juice fanatics and everyone in between.

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Copper Horse Coffee Roasters

Kay Xiao ’16 details how Copper Horse Coffee Roasters owner Harriott’s “craft and care for quality and the coffee-making process come through with every cup, which [she] experienced at my very first coffee tasting.”

Press Café creations.

Break from Your Daily Grind: Ithaca’s Best Coffee Finds

What Ithaca’s current café and coffee shop scene lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality, and experiencing this is merely a matter of venturing past Collegetown. If you’re looking to sit and think, or just sit, check out these local gems: a warm mug of something nice, chill vibes and free wifi included.