SPARACIO | The Great (Immuno)compromise 

What is space? The following is a range of definitions provided by the Merriam Webster Dictionary: a period of time, a boundless three-dimensional extent in which objects and events occur and have relative position and direction, the region beyond the Earth’s atmosphere or beyond the solar system.  

SPARACIO | Unmasking a New Reality

While I finally feel that I am back to normal life, it is undoubtable that reality and “normalcy” have altered. At such an impressionable point in our lives, it seems probable that the pandemic will influence us psychologically, mentally and developmentally — something we may not uncover for years to come.

SPARACIO | The Second First Day

All I can do is stare at my reflection, boxed within two pairs of bisecting parallel lines and four right angles; nothing feels right, and I’m paralyzed once again by my rectangular composition. By now, we all know what it feels like to stare into the pixelated abyss that is Zoom. Even the word “Zoom” seems to trail off into the distance, attempting to bridge our distant worlds, but lengthening the divide instead. 

Zoom creates a world of its own filled with Zoom “norms.” The silent breakout room. The impossibility of eye contact. Turning the camera on.

KEMPFF | Protect Rush Week

The air was electric. It was the dead of winter in 2020, and thousands of anxious underclassmen filled Ithaca a week ahead of their peers. These people left their likely more sunny homes to come to the snowy white campus for a decades-long rite of passage: rush week. 

Rush week, an annual event for fraternity and sorority recruitment, is under threat. This will mark the second year with effectively no rush week. Instead  — under the cloud of COVID-19 — rush week has been pushed from its early spot to the first week of classes.

SMITH | In Defense of the Cornell Testing Program

However, Samilow and I differ on our feelings about the University’s actions to control COVID on campus. I believe he fails to recognize — as this pandemic has taught us — that our own comfortability doesn’t always match the comfortability of others. I’m still nervous in the aftermath of the end of last semester. It didn’t feel like a turning point for me. It just felt like another chapter in this exhausting saga.