Cornell Moves to Introduce Gender-Inclusive Bathrooms

Single-occupancy gender-specific restrooms will soon become all-gender. By end of March, an online map will be accessible to indicate inclusive restrooms on campus, according to the University. This follows a University Assembly resolution and President Elizabeth Garrett’s show of support. U.A. executive member Ulysses Smith ’14 presented the resolution and said that efforts to begin this process have been a “long time coming.”

“Our efforts were bolstered by the broader LGBT rights social movement and a number of initiatives on the federal level — including President Obama’s Executive Order 13672,” Smith said. “As a world-class institution, we should strive to be at the forefront of inclusion.”

The U.A. passed the resolution last December that called for the conversion of all single-occupancy restrooms from gender-specific to all-gender.

President Garrett Undergoes Treatment for Cancer Diagnosis

In a statement Monday, President Elizabeth Garrett announced she is undergoing treatment at Weill Cornell Medicine following a colon cancer diagnosis. Garrett, who was inaugurated as Cornell’s 13th president in September, is undergoing an “aggressive treatment program” and will reduce her travel schedule and commitments in the months to come. “The senior leadership of the university will be handling many of my commitments, representing me and keeping me up to date as we continue to move Cornell forward to meet the challenges of the 21st century,” she wrote. “I am optimistic that with the support of my family, friends and the Cornell community, I will be able to resume a fuller schedule soon and manage this illness,” Garrett added. “Advances in research and clinical care in cancer offer great hope to patients like me, and Cornell and Weill Cornell lead in advancing science in this arena.