BEARD | What a Week, Huh?

In short, in the last three days it’s started to seem like Cornell andIthaca have been doing a speed-run of apocalypse bingo or something to that effect. In fact, one of my roommates made the quip, “What’s next, an earthquake on Thursday?” and we all had a good laugh. Jokes aside though, there’s been a lot of abnormality in the last three days and it’s brought out many different reactions among the members of our community.

SMITH | Transferring Out of Zoom University

I am not built for Zoom University. I mean, no one is. Aside from neck pain and eye strain, video conferences and lectures deny us the oxytocin we glean from in-person interactions, reduce our ability to decode subliminal cues such as body language and introduce other neuropsychological road blocks. Throw in some unstable internet connections, frozen screens and audio lags and it’s easy to see why people are itching to return to in-person instruction. There are, however, some parts of Zoom University that I hope stick around even after we shift back to in-person learning. 

There are certainly benefits to having Cornell be accessible with a few clicks rather than a trek up the slope — and I’m not talking about being able to roll out of bed at 7:55 a.m. and still be on time for your 8:05 a.m. lecture.