Analysis Disproves Prevalent C.U. 'Weather Machine' Myth


Sun Weather Columnists Brian Crandall ’10 and John Cintineo ’09 recently analyzed weather data during the Cornell Days of the last several years in order to find out whether there does in fact exist a “weather machine.”

The Cornell Days weather machine is commonplace discussion during the period when accepted high schoolers come back to decide whether they will make Cornell their home. The myth often conjures up thoughts of President David Skorton pulling a lever and making the clouds disappear. But this current of bout of beautiful weather raises the question of whether there is in fact a machine, and what it actually does.

It’s a Wet Ithaca Summer

Excessive rain linked to crop, road and mood problems

The start of the school year is a bittersweet time for Cornellians. As memories of exotic vacations, endless days of doing absolutely nothing and tans begin to fade, a pleasant, painless transition seems little to ask for. Alas, it is not in the forecast. All that is in the forecast is rain, rain and more rain.