The Cornell Daily Sun Welcomes its 141st Editorial Board

After the day-long affair of elections and a gauntlet of long missed in-person speeches charged with an electrifying fervor for student journalism, The Cornell Daily Sun has elected its 141st editorial board. This year’s group of shining Sunnies is poised to create a board that is as vibrant and zealous as its namesake number is palindromic.

The Cornell Daily Sun Welcomes Its 139th Editorial Board

The Cornell Daily Sun elected its 139th editorial board after ten hours and 18 minutes. But The Sun’s longest Zoom call to date brought to life a new board full of imaginative and eager Sunnies who will continue to deliver the paper you all love with a little added fun and flare.


Twenty years old and retired — that’s the dream. For the 137th Editorial Board of The Cornell Daily Sun, this will become our reality as we step back from checking Slack and our emails every 30 seconds to give a new set of editors the chance to make The Sun shine. During the process The Sun so fondly knows as compet, these editors-to-be will step up to the plate and take on the late nights, take out the Oxford commas and work toward being elected into an editorship on the 138th Editorial Board. Though it will be a very stark change of pace for those of us on the 137th Editorial Board, we will take a step back, to allow these editors the chance to learn and grow. Come March, they lead The Sun into a new year with their names glowing brightly on the masthead that has held its former editors’ names since 1880.

The Sun Welcomes its 136th Editorial Board

After a grueling six-week process where all potential editors are sent into The Sun’s 139 W. State St. office to viciously fight to prove their aptitude for editorial positions, The Sun elected a new editorial board Sunday — and it only took them six hours!