Letter to the Editor

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Re: ‘College Shouldn’t Be a Breeze’

To the editor:

“College shouldn’t be a breeze,” writes Christian Baran ’22 in a recent opinion piece. Luckily for author, it isn’t, no matter how you choose to spend your time on campus. It seems that Cornell students can’t win lately. One week, we have people telling us to not glorify being busy and to reevaluate where our definition of success comes from. Another week, we have articles implying that you should feel guilty if you’re taking “easy” classes or a semester with fewer credits.

Students fielded a variety of questions at a GPSA meeting Monday, trying to decide what information would be included in a coming guide on university finances.

How Do Cornell’s Finances Work? A Layman’s Guide Is Coming Soon

By March 2020, students will be able to learn about how the University finances work through a guide written specifically in layman’s terms by the newly formed Ad Hoc Budget Planning Advisory Committee, whose membership spans across undergraduates, graduate and professional students, and faculty.

Due to route delays and shortages in the number of buses, TCAT has started renting buses from other companies or purchasing used buses to convert into TCAT buses.

TCAT Rents Buses to Cover Fleet Shortage, Stop On-Going Delays

Aging fleet, maintenance staff turnover and state Department of Transportation regulations have left TCAT with dwindling numbers of operational buses in their fleet, leading to delays. In hopes of correcting this, TCAT has begun renting buses from other transportation companies and buying up used buses to fix.